Workshop on Midwifery

Workshop on Midwifery

Workshop on Midwifery

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Midwives are specialist nurses trained to look after women during pregnancy, labour and postpartum. Their philosophy of treating pregnancy and labour as normal and making care patient centric helps women to have a safe and satisfying experience.

Our nurses in India, have a short, variable exposure to labouring women during their training period, they mostly learn on the job.

So to provide them a peek into this world, we @ Bangalore RCOG Trust have organised this workshop.

Faculty Members

Dr Evita Fernandez FRCOG HYDERABAD
Ms.Indie Kaur Midwife at Bart’s Health NHS Trust U.K

Dr. Fatima Poonawala

Programme Schedule

0900 – 1000 hrs.: Human Rights in Childbirth and Respectful Maternity Care – Dr. Evita Fernandez
1000 – 1100 hrs.: Compassion, Kindness, Supportive Companion during Labour and Birth – Ms. Inderjeet Kaur
1100 – 1115 hrs.: Coffee Break
1130 – 1230 hrs.: Mobility in Labour and Birthing Positions: What is the Evidence? – Dr. Evita Fernandez & Ms. Inderjeet Kaur
1230 – 1300 hrs.: Introduction to Workshop Activity : Divide in to groups + discuss the essentials of the afternoon session
1300 – 1400 hrs.: Lunch Break
1400 – 1445 hrs.: Watch Scenarios on video
1445 – 1515 hrs.: Break in groups for discussion
1515 – 1600 hrs.: Groups to discuss with given leading questions and to offer practical solutions
Re-grouping to review answers for discussions
1630 – 1700 hrs.: Summarize and Action Plan



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