President’s Letter

President’s Letter

President’s Letter

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Dear Fellows and Members

Thank you for electing me as the President of Bangalore RCOG Trust. It is an honour and privilege to be bestowed with this responsibility for the next 3 years to work towards the betterment of Womens’ health.

As you are aware, the Bangalore RCOG Trust was founded in 2003 by Dr. Jaya Narendra, Sr. Lillian Therese and Dr. Vidyamani Gowda with a vision to promote evidence-based practice, teaching, and training, Research and development activities, community service/outreach programmes, conduct MRCOG examinations etc to improve the care for Women.

With the wealth of experience and expertise of our Seniors, the enthusiasm and dedication of our fellow members, I am sure that the present committee will have all the guidance and support to fulfill the objectives of this Trust.

Looking forward to your continued support, cooperation, and active participation.

Best regards
Dr. Latha Venkataram

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