Prep Sessions for MRCOG II and III

The Bangalore RCOG Trust (BRCOG) has been conducting 5 to 7 days courses for Part 2 MRCOG examinations for the last 10 years. Every year we have had candidates successfully passing the examinations and due to the high demand for these courses we decided to run these courses twice a year.  There has been a further demand to have continued teaching programme perennially by candidates in and around Bangalore to have formal teaching programmes for better orientation of approach to the exams. In view of this BRCOG has come up with a half a day monthly programme to help candidates sitting Part 2 and Part 3 MRCOG examinations.

The teaching programme offers an intensive, comprehensive and exam-oriented course for MRCOG. The faculty are experts and pioneers of the BRCOG who are dedicated to teaching and have had experience in teaching/training candidates for MRCOG in Bangalore and in UK. The changes to the pattern of the exams have been borne in mind while formulating the teaching schedule. It would be a systematic approach working towards completion of the recommended curriculum by the end of the academic year. All the modules of stratog, clinical guidelines from RCOG, NICE, BASH, FSRH, NHSCSP, clinical governance, statistics and much more shall be covered with audio visual aids and practice questions.

Who should attend this course?

  • Candidates sitting part 2/3
  • Aspirants of MRCOG
  • Clinicians who wish to update their knowledge regarding evidence based practice

What does the course offer?

  • Approach to MRCOG examination
  • Pre course reading material 1 week prior to every session
  • Full lecture programme on difficult topics
  • Covers  modules of Strat OG with relevant discussion and guidance
  • Small group interactions for practical exercises
  • Plenty of feedback
  • Practice exams
  • Examination technique tips
  • Networking with candidates sitting Part 2/3
  • The above will be covered by experienced faculty from BRCOG and also invited faculty from other parts of India/UK

Program Schedule

June 11, 2017 Download Schedule for June 11
July 09, 2017 Download Schedule for July 09
August 13, 2017 Download Schedule for August 13
September 10, 2017 Download Schedule for September 10
October 08, 2017 Download Schedule for October 08
November 12, 2017 Download Schedule for November 12
December 10, 2017 Download Schedule for December 10
January 07, 2018 Download Schedule for January 07
February 18, 2018 Download Schedule for February 18
March 11, 2018 Download Schedule for March 11

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