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Basics & Beyond 2019

Basics & Beyond 2019

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Dear Colleague

Welcome to Bengaluru for the unique conference on Perinatal Health- Nature and Nurture.
We have come a long way since David Barker proposed the effect of intrauterine environment in the causation of adult disease in the offspring. Today, there is a large body of evidence in literature linking maternal health, lifestyle and behaviour around prepregnancy, pregnancy and post partum period to the health of the offspring at birth and later in life.

IT IS NOT JUST GENES – Emerging evidences on DOHaD (Developmental Origin of health and Disease) has shown a key role in Intra uterine foetal programming

How is it relevant to an obstetrician?

As Obstetricians we play a key role in maintaining physical and mental health of mother and child not only during pregnancy but long term.

  • Understanding the epigenetics- How the Intra-uterine environment in the first nine months of life shapes the rest of our life and the future generations. We pass more biological milestones before we are born and in the early few months of life than at any other times in our lives
  • Modulation of Intra-uterine environment- With the above understanding Obstetrician’s play an important role in modifying maternal health care (pre-pregnancy, antenatal, intra and post-partum) to promote healthy human development
  • Counseling regarding future maternal and child health- Preganancy provides a window of opportunity for interventions as complications in preganancy can herald future maternal health issues

Please come and listen to the renowned international faculty who have done original research on these topics


Masterclasses are also differently planned with invited experts from the respective fields to conduct these classes. You have an option to choose and attend one of the four masterclasses.

Organizing Team

Dates & Venue

Dates: 16th & 17th November 2019 – Saturday & Sunday
Venue: Bangalore Medical College Auditorium, Fort, KR Road, Bangalore 560 002

For complete details including program schedule, materclass details registrations – download the conference brochure

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Renowned Researchers and Faculty:
Prof. Chittaranjan Yajnik
Pune, India
Dr. Harshad Sanghvi
Jhpiego, Baltimore, USA
Prof. Jon Hyett
Sydney, Australia
Prof. Mark Hanson
Southampton, UK
Prof. Ponnusamy Saravanan
Warwick, UK
Prof. Vasantha Padmanabhan
Michigan, US
National Faculty:
Dr. Ahalya Sharma, Ayu, Blr. Dr. H.R. Nandini Devi, Blr.
Dr. Arathi Prasad, Physio, Blr. Dr. Nandhini Mundkur, Devp. Paed., Blr.
Dr. Arulmozhi Ramarajan, Blr. Dr. V.P. Paily (TBC), Ernakulam
Dr. Aruna Muralidhar, Blr. Dr. Prabha S Chandra, Blr.
Dr. Asha Kiran, Blr. Dr. Prakash Mehta, Blr.
Mrs. Asha Kilaru, (TBC) Public health, Blr. Dr. Prakash Savanur, Mysuru
Dr. Ashlesha Bagadia, Psychiatrist, Blr. Dr. Pranathi Reddy, Hyderabad
Ms. Ashwini Kavadimatti, Blr. Dr. Prathap Chandra, Neonatalogist, Blr.
Dr. M.B. Bellad, Belagavi Dr. Prathima Radhakrishnan, Blr.
Dr. Brunda Channappa, Blr. Dr. Praveen Venkatagiri, Neonatalogist, Blr.
Dr. ChittaranjanYajnik, Pune Dr. Radha Rao, Blr.
Dr. Devika Gunasheela, Blr. Dr. Ranjankumar Pejaver, Blr.
Dr. Evita Fernandez, Hyderabad Dr. Rita Mhaskar, Blr.
Dr. Fatima Poonawala, Blr. Dr. Seema Chennakeshava, Blr.
Dr. Gayathri Kamath, Blr.  Dr. Shailaja N, Blr.
Dr. Geetha Desai, Psychiatrist, Blr. Dr. Shameema, Kochi
Ms. Indie Kaur, Midwife, UK Dr. Sheela Mane, Blr.
Dr. Janaki, Blr. Dr. Shobha Gudi, Blr.
Dr. Jaya Narendra, Blr. Dr. Shreelakshmi, Blr.
Dr. Jayanth Sampath, Blr. Dr. Shubha Ramarao, Blr.
Dr. Jayashree Gajaraj, Chennai Dr. Sireesha Reddy, Blr.
Sr. Joyce Jayaseelan, Breastfeeding, Counsellor, Blr.  Dr. Srinath Manikanti, Neonatalogist, Blr.
Dr. Jyothika Desai, Blr. Dr. Srinivas Jois, Blr.
Dr. Kalaivani, Chennai Dr. Srimathy Raman, Blr.
Dr. Kamini Rao, (TBC) Blr. Dr. Subramanyam Mahankali, Anaesthetist, Blr.
Dr. Lakshmi S, Psychiatrist, Blr. Dr. Suman Rao, Blr.
Dr. Lakshmi Shanmugasundaram, Chennai Dr. Susheela Rani, Blr.
Dr. Latha Venkataram, Blr. Dr. Umadevi, Blr.
Dr. Madhu Naidu, Blr. Dr. Uma Ram, Chennai
Dr. Madhura Prakash, Mysuru Dr. Usha Vikranth, Blr.
Dr. Madhushree Vijayakumar, Blr. Dr. Veena Satyanarayana, Psychiatrist, Blr.
Dr. Malini K.V., Blr. Dr. Vidyamani, Blr.
Dr. Manisha Singh, Blr. Dr. Vijaya Krishnan, Midwife, USA
Dr. Mayadevi, Kochi Dr. Vidya Thobbi, Bijapur
Dr. Nagarathnamma, Blr.

Masterclasses – 16th November, 2019

  • Midwifery module: 8am – 5pm
  • Perinatal Trauma- Maternal and Neonatal injuries and consequences: 8am – 2pm
  • Perinatal Mental Health: 8am – 2pm
  • Clinical Governance and Research Methodology: 8am – 2pm

Registration Details:

Early bird registration is extended to 31st October

Catagories Early bird
until 21st Oct 2019
22nd Oct to 9th Nov 2019
Late & Spot
After 10th Nov
Consultant (OBGYN, Paediatricians etc)
(both Conference and one Masterclass)
Rs. 5000.00 Rs. 6500.00 Rs. 9000.00
Conference only Rs. 4000.00 Rs. 5000.00 Rs. 8000.00
Alternative Medicine & General Medical practitioners
(both Conference and one Masterclass)
Rs. 4000.0 Rs. 5000.00 Rs. 8000.00
Conference only Rs. 3000.00 Rs. 4000.00 Rs. 7000.00
(both Conference and one Masterclass mandatory)
Rs. 3000.00 Rs. 4000.00 Rs. 5000.00
(Midwifery Masterclass )
Rs. 1000.00 Rs. 1500.00 Rs. 2000.00

Kindly make payments by Cheque/DD/RTGS/NEFT in favour of BASICS AND BEYOND

Bank Name: Canara Bank
Account Number: 0428201001252
IFS Code: CNRB0000428
Branch: Ashoka Pillar Branch, Bangalore 560011
Download Registration Form

How to register?
By post: Please download the registration form. Send the filled-in form along with the cheque/ DD to the following address.
Online: Please download the registration form. Please mention the bank transaction number in the field given. Scan the filled-in form to the email
Cancellation policy:
  • If cancellation before 5th November 2019 50% will be refunded
  • No refund will be granted after 5th November 2019


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